Why You Need to Quit Smoking

Quit SmokingMark Twain once declared, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” The beloved author echoes what many smokers have attempted and failed to do. It is difficult to quit because of the physical addiction to nicotine and the lack of better ways to deal with stress. But what if you come across compelling reasons to give up smoking?

Smoking Can Cause Breasts to Sag

Smoking has an adverse effect on breasts because it breaks down the protein that gives your skin its youthful appearance. In addition to droopy breasts, also called breast ptosis, the habit can make your skin weaker and cause it to age faster.

Smoking Affects Virility

Smoking damages sperm. Your “swimmers” lose their ability to fight free radicals, which have a negative impact on motility. You’ll also have a challenging time between the sheets because the nicotine in your cigarettes constricts blood vessels, thereby affecting blood flow. And you need blood flow for optimal erectile function.

Smoking is a Turn Off for Most People

When finding a date, would you choose the one who smells like roses or the one who smells like an ashtray? Smoking, for many people, is a deal breaker. Not a lot of people, it turns out, would be willing to kiss an ashtray.

It is not just about the unappealing scent of cigarettes that lingers on your hair and clothes. It’s also about the damage it does to your teeth. Most people prefer dates with near-perfect, white teeth.

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Smoking leads to a wide array of unpleasant effects. It can lead to a number of medical issues, especially cancer. Revere Health reveals lung cancer as one of the most common forms of cancer.

It is hard to quit. But you need to do it because your life is on the line — not just your breasts, virility and appeal. The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you will reverse its harmful effects.