What You Need to Know to Put a Ring on It

engagement rings
Diamond engagement rings are not simple pieces of jewelry. They are a symbol of trust, love, and commitment. The ring marks the start of a new life with the one you love. Couple realize how important the ring is to seal their partnership, and choosing the right one can be tricky for some.

Whose Choice?

Many retailers offer engagement rings in Salt Lake City and other places. Some women are willing to tell their partners about the kind of engagement ring they expect. If you want to surprise your partner, you can ask her friends of family members to help you find the right one. You could also visit a jewelry store in Utah to find the right one that suits her personality or visit a website like aaajewelryutah.com.

The Four Cs

If you are looking for a diamond ring, then you should consider the four Cs. The four Cs refers to clarity, color, carat and cut of a diamond.

The diamond should be clear and brilliant. Some diamonds have a yellowish or faint tint, and some yellowish diamonds are cheaper than the nearly colorless. The cut of a diamond refers to the symmetry, proportion, and polish of a stone. All of these help to show off their “fire” or brilliance.

Put a Ring on It

The shape is important as it should complement and beautify the finger. For short stubby fingers, a pear-shaped diamond or a marquise would be perfect. For thin and long fingers,  a cushion, round or emerald cuts would be perfect.

Have a good look at your partner’s finger and then go shopping. Understand whether she likes diamonds or any other precious stone. Check the gold and the diamond for quality and certificate of authenticity. Know what to take into account while purchasing an engagement ring so you could finally pop the question.