Visiting Your Chiropractor? Here’s What to Expect on Your First Visit

Chiropractor Visit in DenverChiropractic care is one of the most effective treatments that do not include the use of medicine. While visiting chiropractors may be similar to visiting your general doctor, it may have some unique elements you don’t know. This is why patients who don’t know what to expect during first visits end up worrying.

Here’s a guide to give you an idea before you visit chiropractors in Denver or anywhere in Colorado:

The Initial Visit

Once you meet your chiropractor, they will thoroughly discuss their philosophy, expertise, and general approach. At this point, your chiropractor asks what your preferences are. They’ll give you forms where you need to provide information about your family medical history, pre-existing medical conditions, or any treatment you may be taking. In addition, your chiropractor will ask you to provide information on your current health providers.

Chiropractic Exam

Your chiropractor will conduct a thorough chiropractic exam. This includes taking your pulse, blood pressure, respiration, and other neurological tests to assess your muscle tone, muscle strength, range of motion (especially in the affected area), and neurological integrity.

They may also take X-rays of your spine before treatment to study the condition of your soft tissues and bone anatomy. These help them understand the extent of wear and any other anomalies that may be in your spine. After assessing all these factors, your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan specifically suited for your condition.

Treatment Plan

After carrying out tests, your chiropractor will come up with a treatment plan that takes into account the extent of your injury, your general health, and the overall condition of your spine. Furthermore, your chiropractor will also look at your goals. A typical treatment includes manual adjustments using controlled force, leverage, and velocity that direct to your specific joints and areas. Adjustments can last for a day, depending on the extent of your injury.

Chiropractic care is more than simply the manipulation of your spine. They also recommend rehabilitative exercises, consult you about your weight, and suggest some nutritional supplements to help you feel better.