Visiting Wellington: Relive the LOTR Wonders

Visiting WellingtonThere may be no better way to market a country’s beauty than with a massively successful film. Those who have watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy are sure to be captivated by all the breathtaking natural landscape and jaw-dropping sceneries.

The success of LOTR is the success of New Zealand. Without utilising such a stunningly beautiful country, Director Peter Jackson could have fallen short in making his masterpiece such a worldwide phenomenon.

A Successful Movie

Nobody can deny the whopping success that is the Lord of the Rings franchise. Two of its movies have reached the billion-dollar mark in box office earnings. The six films of the LOTR franchise obtained an average of $982,636,624 in earnings. This makes the J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired films an incredibly sound financial attainment.

Nonetheless, money is not the only thing that made the franchise a resounding hit. No other movie franchise has received more Oscar awards than the LOTR franchise, winning an unbeaten 17 awards in total.

A Wonderful Setting for the Movie

For the millions of LOTR fans around the world, there may be no better way to relive the successful film than visiting the land where all of the series was filmed, New Zealand. Luckily, Lord of the Rings tours to Wellington could make your wishes come true.

Such a tour will take you to the heart of LOTR filming sites, allowing you to view the places where all the battles happened. Through these tours, you can experience the magic of the place and feel as if you were a part of the film.

In doing so, you would be following the trail of your dreams – where hobbits, dwarves, elves and orcs once walked.