Timeless Jewellery Pieces Young Women Should Own Before they Turn 30

Woman showing her jewellery Few women in their 20s think of investing in jewellery. On top of rent and bills to pay, they often have nights out, catchups, and dinners that they can’t afford to miss. When there’s room to splurge, it’s unlikely for a 20-something to put their hard-earned cash in classic diamond studs; instead, they choose to purchase bags or a pair of shoes.

A timeless piece of jewellery, however, is well worth the early consideration. With companies like JewelCast Ltd that create beautiful, personalised items, it’s easy to invest in a long-lasting piece of jewellery.

Here are classic jewellery pieces that you should own before you turn 30:

An Everyday Ring

A sleek band or a unique cocktail ring is the one piece that can show your style with subtlety. In choosing a ring, the stone can take the back-seat; it’s more important to choose a colour that means something to you. If you have blue eyes, for instance, you can have a jeweller create for you a thin band with blue sapphires.

A Versatile Bracelet

Thin bangles or tennis bracelets (a line bracelet) are perfect for creating a classic, elegant look. These are pieces you can wear every day, and can even be the bracelet equivalent of the trusty stud earrings.

A Delicate Necklace

Long necklaces are all the rage these days, but if you want a timeless piece or something you can wear daily, go for a delicate necklace. Necklaces go with everything, and they can easily spice up both your day and night outfits. When choosing a necklace, the key is in finding a pretty pendant that you can wear for any occasion or time of day.

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Your jewellery investment doesn’t have to be very sophisticated or expensive. The idea is to own a timeless piece to carry you through countless special occasions – or maybe something that you can pass on to your future granddaughters.