The Skinny on Waist Training: 4 Things You Should Know

Waist Training Waist training is not new. In fact, it was quite common in the late Victorian era and came into existence around the 16th century. Also known as tight lacing and corset training, this waist-cinching method has been here for hundreds of years, but when the Kardashians did it, it became the latest fitness craze.

What exactly is “waist training”, however? Does it work? And more importantly, is it safe? Read on to get the skinny on this must-have accessory before you try it yourself.

Type of material used for beginners

If it is your first time to do waist training, take things slow and easy, and choose simple, beginner cinchers. Keep in mind that you will face major consequences if you push your body too hard during the first try. Teach your body to get used to the foreign material you bind it with until you are ready to level up to a tighter one.

Waist Trainer Australia says that the best waist trainer material for beginners like you is latex, as this avoids skin irritation especially when you are a first timer.

The tighter the better

As your body adapts to the change, you need to pull the waist trainer tighter until you get your desired waist measurement. Be cautious, however. As mentioned, tight is good but not too tight — as this may have a negative effect on your blood circulation.

If you feel like you need guidance, hire an instructor to help you get through the whole process until you are in shape.

Advanced options

There are many types of waist cinchers you can choose from. If you think that the latex is not doing any good or is not giving faster and efficient results, then you can change it to steel. This material gives stronger support since it doesn’t conform to the body’s shape — it does the other way around.

Quality over everything else

Do not just buy cheap trainers you can find anywhere. Remember to choose a high quality one from a reputed brand. Trainers that use low quality materials can only make you injure yourself.

It is always best to get some advice from people who are experts with waist training. When you shop waist trainers, make sure you voice out your choices and preference.