The Non-Tooth Uses of Toothpaste

Uses of ToothpasteToothpaste is as singular in function as any other personal care product – or so people thought. These minty toothbrush companions can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, and fortunately, a lot of people have already done the preliminary testing for everyone else.

Here are some of the unadvertised uses of your tube of toothpaste:

  1. A Stain Remover

Stains not involving teeth, that is. Cosmetic dentists from Derby’s Dove Dental Care say that toothpaste works perfectly in removing anything from grease stains to ink to lipstick to crayon to beach tar. All it takes is some vigorous scrubbing and thorough rinse. Non-gel toothpaste works especially well and gives the surface a nice clean smell afterward.

  1. An Acne Treatment

Though it may irritate sensitive skin, the ability of non-gel, non-whitening toothpaste to dry up pimples is criminally understated. Just a dab of toothpaste on the offending spot is enough to lift the clogged oil and clear the blemish by the following morning.

  1. A Shoe Cleaner

Scuffs on leather shoes go out easily with a few wipes of toothpaste on a damp cloth. The leather ends up looking like new and ready for a formal polishing. Additionally, non-gel toothpaste helps whiten rubber sneakers. Instead of putting the loaded toothbrush onto one’s teeth, the whitening action occurs just as well on sneakers’ rubber soles.

  1. An Anti-fogging Agent

Fogged goggles during any activity that warrants eye protection poses an extreme risk. Scuba diving and woodworking, for example, do not allow wiping the insides of the goggles during the activity. Rubbing a small amount of toothpaste onto the inner surface will prevent fogging. This trick works on mirrors as well.

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Apparently, toothpaste is far more than what its name leads to. The substances it contains have multiple applications besides cleaning teeth, demonstrating just how much science went into creating what people use to keep their smiles perfect.