Technology and Education: A Match Made in Heaven

Technology and EducationNot everyone is born equal. There are those who live a satisfying life, while others make do with what they have. The same thing goes with those with disabilities. Some cope with their disability to live as normally as they can. In this regard, learning stands out as one area where people with special needs are largely at a disadvantaged. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue,

Teaching the Impaired

The challenges of special education are plenty, and they are nothing short of overwhelming. Not only will teachers in such a class need patience to uplift the learning of students, they also need the right tools to get the job done.

Masters in Special Education Degrees points that out of the 7 million students with disabilities in U.S. public schools, 62.7% do not finish high school. This will continue if current trends don’t change dramatically.

The people behind point out methods of assistance differs, as the needs of students with disabilities vary. A child with visual impairment may learn more via touching, a method that would be counterproductive for one with hearing impairment.

To make matters worse, even students with learning disabilities differ in “more ways than they are similar,” reveals.

Technology to the Rescue

It’s a good thing technology has risen to the challenge in bridging this largely widening gap. Technology for special needs leverage students with disabilities in learning by providing better ways of communication and comprehension.

There is no need to look far, though. A concrete example lies in smartphones and tablets. As these mobile devices come with universal access functionality, built-in or downloadable assistive technologies are fast becoming a reality.

This has made possible a range of features that come in handy for many people with disabilities. Among these are:

  • Speech recognition
  • Screen-reading tools
  • Braille displays
  • Text-to-speech solutions

Looking at the list reveal how far technology has gone to help people with special needs. There’s no denying that technology and education is a match made in heaven.