Starting Them Young: On Fostering Good Dental Habits in Children

Kids with their clean teethWith toddlers in the household, telling your kids to brush their teeth, maybe even at a high volume, might be a scenario that plays out often. By showing a positive attitude towards oral health and engaging the kids early on, parents can keep their little one’s pearly whites in good condition to prevent the risk of them developing a dental disease in the future.

Visit the Dentist Early

Families should schedule their first dental visit in Sioux Falls by their child’s first birthday. As early as four months, the first baby teeth already erupt through the gums, so it’s best to see a pediatric dentist as soon as the first tooth appears. Since the first meeting a child has with their dentist often leaves a lasting impression, make it a point to keep the visit enjoyable and stress-free. Follow that up with check-ups every six months to catch cavities and other dental problems before they get worse.

Find a Fun Toothbrush

As a parent, it’s easy to view a toothbrush as a functional tool that can help clean teeth. Children, on the other hand, need a better motivation to form the habit of brushing at least twice a day. One way to encourage kids to brush their teeth more often is to pick a toothbrush that they could have fun with. There are various electric toothbrushes available that buzz, vibrate, or flash lights after flipping a switch, to make tooth brushing less of a chore and fun and effective routine for kids.

Teach Kids the Proper way to Floss

At first glance, flossing doesn’t seem appropriate for kids. After all, it takes careful manipulation to get in between the crevices of teeth. It can take kids a while to master the technique and gain enough dexterity to do it unsupervised, but it can pay off in the end as long as parents teach their children early. With the proper early dental care, children can give their pearly whites a good start and protect them from developing gum diseases and tooth decay in the future.

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Instilling good dental habits leads to a higher possibility that children will continue the behavior until adulthood. Through proper dental hygiene and frequent visits to the dentist, kids can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.