Riding in the Rain: How to Keep Your Bike Safe

parked backyard houseMost people think that once the winter begins, it’s the end of the year for cyclists. Only this isn’t the case. For some riders, the real fun starts when the temperature drops. Riders, especially, really love the thrill of winter cycling. After all, this is the time of the year when the ride becomes more challenging.

But while it’s fun to embrace the season, it can take its toll on your bike. To keep your ride in good shape, follow these tips from Erik’s Bike Shop Inc:

Avoid Deep Waters

This is common sense; the last thing you want is to drown your bike in deep water. Be it on or off-road, doing this is bad for your bike’s bracket bearings. Besides, standing water is one of the many safety hazards of cycling you should avoid.

Change the Seat

The rain can ruin the expensive leather seat you bought. Once the temperature takes a dip, let the pricey seat sit in the garage for a while. Wait until the sun shows up again before swapping out the cheap seat.

Hold the Race Tires

Unless you’re going to an actual race, there’s no reason to bring out the race tires in the rain.

Install Fenders

Fenders may seem like a small addition, but these protect your bike by a great deal. Rainwater creates mud, which can damage your bike. With a set of fenders on your bike, the dirty water and the mud won’t stick – at the very least, it will stick only for a short amount of time.

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Reapply Grease

Even if you just had your routine maintenance, it only makes sense to reapply grease on the metal parts of your bicycle. Areas you should include are the bolt threads and the seat post. Without grease, the water would seep and cause rust.

Take Care of the Brake Pads

The grit your bike picks up on the road can take its toll on the brakes. Clean your pads and rims every after use to keep it in top shape.

Use Waterproof Lube

You’re probably thinking of lubing up your chain, but before you do that, make sure you have the right lubricant. When there’s rain outside, what your ride needs is waterproof lube. If you don’t have that, don’t risk riding while it’s pouring.

Wash the Bike Afterwards

Nothing beats a good wash after you let the bike soak in the rain. Wash your ride properly to keep it clean and rust-free.

Follow these eight tips and you’ll surely conquer the trails in the rain. Even better, you won’t risk your bicycle from getting ruined by doing so.