Put a Ring On It: Choosing an Engagement Ring

Diamond RingA marriage proposal can be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever go through. Whether you are the one proposing or the one being proposed to, you would not be able to hold back the joy of being with the one you love in holy matrimony.

Proposal Preparation

For those who are proposing, you may feel overwhelmed as to what engagement ring from AAAJewelryUtah.com in Utah you should get. You have to consider many factors when choosing engagement rings. A few tips can go a long way. You can follow these pointers so you know what you are doing.

Clear Gem

Experts advise customers to look for four C’s in an engagement ring. The first C is Clarity. You simply need to look for any flaws in the gem of your engagement ring. For the untrained eye, it’s okay if you do not see anything. You have to keep in mind though that gems are classified according to their flaws. You don’t need to know all of them but you should remember that the categories VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, and SI2 are the best rings to have.

Shape and Weight

The next C is Cut. You should choose which diamond-shape you like. You should also check how well the gem reflects light. The third C is Carat, the weight of the gem. Remember that it is the weight of the diamond, which makes the ring expensive and not the size. You can get a lower carat gem cut to a large size.

Clear or Colored, Both Good

The final C is Color. Classified on a D-Z scale, D’s are colorless while Z’s are tinted. Tinted does not mean cheap. In fact, diamonds below Z-grade have higher values.

Mix It Up

Another factor you might want to think about is the metal of your ring. It’s easy to choose gold or silver but you have other options too. You can choose from palladium, platinum, and titanium metals.

Carefully choosing your engagement ring can be a sweet gesture to your to-be lifelong spouse. You don’t need to be a ring expert; you need only be full of love.