Psychopaths vs. Sociopaths: Who is More Deadly?

Potential Psychopath in Lehi“Sociopath” and “psychopath” are pop psychology terms for what psychiatry refers to as antisocial personality disorders. Due to their overlapping descriptions — an omnipresent pattern of ignoring the rights and safety of other, propensity for deceit and manipulation — people tend to confuse one for the other., shares that, contrary to popular belief, a sociopathic or psychopathic personality does not automatically translate to a violent individual.

Traits of a Psychopath

Researchers in psychology believe that psychopaths are born that way. They reveal that the personality disorder is the result of a difference in the physiological brain. During their research, they discovered that a psychopath’s brain has underdeveloped components typically believed to be in charge of impulse control and emotion regulation.

Generally, this type of personality has a difficult time developing genuine emotional attachments with other people. Psychopaths see each individual as a means to an end and would manipulate them into getting what they want. No matter how much they cause pain to the people around them, they rarely feel any guilt.

Traits of a Sociopath

A sociopathic personality is the outcome of environmental aspects, such as an upbringing in an extremely negative home that led to childhood trauma, emotional, or physical abuse. Unlike psychopaths who are typically composed and polished, says sociopaths are more likely to suffer from temper meltdowns, distresses, and nervousness. They will also have a hard time forming emotional bonds, but there are a few that are capable.

Who Is More Dangerous?

Both personalities can pose a challenge to society since most try to live a normal life while managing the disorder. Psychopaths, however, are more dangerous because they don’t feel any guilt and aren’t capable of forming attachments. This is why most serial killers are psychopaths.

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This doesn’t mean you should be scared of them because not ALL psychopaths and sociopaths turn into serial killers. Next time you find someone with the said traits, give them the benefit of the doubt first before you run away.