Physical Stress + Emotional Stress = Stress-Riddled Pain

stressLife can be a rocky, emotional rollercoaster ride.

On some days, all is well with the world and you feel happy. Unfortunately, other days bring about storms, which cause deep brooding and emotional stress. Most people believe that emotions only affect feelings alone; however, studies show that unresolved emotional issues can have a direct impact on your physical health.

Chronic Pain and How You Feel

When you feel pain that lasts longer than the natural healing process, you might be suffering from chronic physical pain. This pain usually stems from physical injuries, inflammation, or disorder of the nerves. The condition hinders an individual’s normal function and prevents them from moving with ease. Because of the pain, patients often search for relief through medications. Some cases of chronic pain cause feelings of depression and anxiety.

Emotional stress often leads to physical pain, which includes headaches, stomachaches, and irritable bowels. Apart from these symptoms, how you feel may also lead to other physical issues and even chronic pain.

Science offers a logical explanation: people who feel anxious and who are under stress suffer from constricted muscles, leading to fatigue and inefficiency. For Back at Work Physical Therapy, therapists in Utah, you might develop stress-related symptoms, especially if you have unresolved personal issues.

Impact of Unresolved Emotional Issues on Pain

For years, researchers have been studying the relationship between mind and body. According to the experts, traumatic emotional events have an impact on pain development. Typical trauma responses include psychological symptoms such as flashbacks, helplessness, and nightmares.

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Physical pain warns a patient about emotional sentiments that require addressing; it also serves as a sign of unresolved trauma.

Dealing with Chronic and Emotional Pain

People suffering from chronic pain should not blame the connection for their struggles. Rather than sulk in misery, it’s best to plot your next action plan.

The link between your emotions and your physical health requires your attention. Get help from experts such as physical therapists and psychologists to address the issue. PT helps you achieve relief from your pain while a therapist provides guidance in overcoming unresolved issues.

Care for your body better by ridding yourself of negative energy. While trauma may linger and haunt you, it doesn’t have total power over you. Remember: your attitude will determine the kind of day you will have.