Organic, the Way to Go for Many Industries

Woman enjoying her organic wineThe organic revolution started years ago, but only now is it leaking to industries beyond food. Even skincare products today boast of being organic. There is the question of whether organic is indeed better, of course, just as there is always a question on whether the latest product you see on the market is just a hype or will be here to stay. Still, the more natural products are always sustainable as far as health is concerned.

Organic Tanning

Forget having to rely on chemicals and tanning beds to get that golden glow on your skin. Now, an organic tan is possible, not only in Australia but also in the UK and the US. Organic tanning means using a product that is not overly burdened by chemicals and preservatives. Usually with a violet-brown base, this gives a nice golden touch that is easily absorbed by the skin, promising beach-ready results in no time.

Organic Cereals

There might be an outcry as soon as studies say that your regular cereal is not good enough, but hear this one out. A landmark study apparently found out that your favourite chemical-laden cereal might be causing obesity. It also affects the mitochondria and may contain an endocrine disruptor. Though the study is in its early stages and no concrete results have been released to establish its definite effects on the human body, the possible effects are enough to make you want to try the organic variety for now. What about the milk, you ask? You are in luck because Arla and McDonald’s is making organic milk more accessible.

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Organic Wine

Even winemakers are taking advantage of the switch to organic. How does one make wine organic, you might wonder? Consider it a low intervention process. They use herbal instead of chemical sprays, and adopt natural composting techniques to give you wine that is more flavourful, if not a little unpredictable because of the seasonal changes.

Nature provides everything that you need, and it makes sense to move to an organic lifestyle to protect your health. These are just some of the products that you can start using now.