NeoGraft: The Gold Standard of Hair Transplants

Hair Transplant in MichiganAn estimated 2/3 of men in the United States, 35 years old and older, is plagued by male pattern baldness. While it’s pretty much common, it doesn’t make it any less easy to the affected men. A lustrous and thick hair is typically seen as a sign of youth and virility in many cultures. So it’s only natural for affected men to be extra vigilant in looking for a way to cope with male pattern baldness. Introducing Neograft hair transplant.

What Exactly is NeoGraft?

Neograft is actually the first follicular unit extraction system to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. This advanced system used to harvest and implant follicular unit makes use of automated FUE or follicular unit extraction technique. This method is a far cry from the invasive “strip” hair methods commonly used to address male pattern baldness.

During a strip hair surgery, huge portions of the scalp must be extracted in order to get donor hair follicles that will then be transplanted in sections where there’s baldness or thinning. As a result, the patient will sustain scars that could restrict how the patient can wear his hair after the surgery.

By contrast, during an FUE surgery, hair follicles will be directly harvested from your scalp using an advanced instrument and then positioned in affected areas, resulting in more natural looking hair. Note that FUE isn’t really a new technique. NeoGraft however, makes FUE better by decreasing the procedure’s timeline with more advanced technology.

The NeoGraft Advantage

According to the specialists from, NeoGraft hair transplant offers more rapid recovery period as you can resume working several days after the surgery. You won’t also have to undergo general anesthesia. With NeoGraft, you enjoy significantly more natural results and minimal to no scarring at all since there are no incisions and staples involved. It is likewise extremely efficient since you’ll be growing your own hair again in no time at all. If you’re ready to take the plunge and have a head full of healthy hair again, consider NeoGraft and schedule a consultation with a specialist.