Myopia: Treating It Right Away to Prevent Worsening

Optometrists in InnalooDid you know that about 10 million people in Australia have to live with long-term problems when it comes to their vision? This means that half of the people in the country suffers from some kind of issue with their eyesight.

Out of this number, nearly half (approximately 43 percent) have myopia, also called shortsightedness. This type of retinal detachment is one of the primary reasons people go to see an optometrist. Fortunately, it is curable, so consulting an Innaloo optometrist as soon as you can for corrective procedures can treat, even cure the problem.

To help you understand better why you should never underestimate myopia, take a look at these three things that can happen if you do.

Can worsen very quickly.

Most cases of myopia develop during childhood. Over time, it will continue to worsen and progress. Worsening using takes place during a person’s teenage years.

Make sure that you take your child to an Innaloo optometrist right away when he/she displays symptoms of shortsightedness including problems seeing far away objects clearly, constant squinting, eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. Immediate diagnosis can help put a stop to the progression of the disease.

Worsens with age.

While myopia in many children and teenagers stop worsening once they enter the realm of early adulthood, this is not always the case. Myopia can still have a considerable impact on people even as they age.

Health and safety hazards.

A person suffering from myopia is also at risk of accidents, health, and other safety hazards. For instance, since they have problems judging the distance and position of a far-away object, road obstructions can lead to them getting into a collision or car accident. Some other accidents, like bumping into things due to the misjudgement of their distance and exact location, can also cause injuries.

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With the help of a licensed doctor of optometry, you can have these hazards prevented and the disease treated right away.