Minding the Gap: 2 Facts About Dentures

Implant Retained DenturesSome tooth gaps are adorable, like the ones Anna Paquin and Jessica Pare have. However, the case is not the same when they are big enough to drive through a lorry. In such cases, you need dentures in Sutton Coldfield, or maybe dental implants to close the gap.

Here are some interesting facts about dentures.

Denture bias

Some people are ashamed of having missing teeth but are equally reluctant of admitting they wear dentures. Modern dentures are more comfortable than dentures back in the day. They seldom pop out by accident if they fit properly.

Despite this, about 63% of denture wearers hide that fact from their friends. They are even reluctant to get too close to a loved one. The most common reason for this behaviour is the idea that dentures were only for old people. However, anyone can lose a few teeth at any age, and dentures solve a problem quite neatly and affordably for most people.

Real teeth again

Nothing beats having your own teeth, of course, but once you lose one, it is gone. That may be changing soon, however. Back in the day, dentures used real teeth from animals, people who sold it for that purpose, or from dead soldiers. Modern dentures use porcelain in place of real teeth, and they look very real.

However, researchers are looking into growing human teeth for use in dentures as well as fillings in the laboratory. It may also be possible in the future for people to grow new teeth to replace missing ones, much like sharks. When that happens, dentures and dental implants would no longer be necessary.

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Dentures play an important role in managing missing teeth for many people. Despite the bias, the dentures are so comfortable that as long as your dentist fits it properly, you should have no problems with its use. However, if the time comes when people can grow back missing teeth, then that would be the best option.