Make Your Wedding Unique with Underrated, Uncommon Flower Picks

Bouquet for weddingFor your wedding, you will naturally want the most beautiful flowers. Many brides usually turn to roses and peonies, but what else can you actually incorporate into your wedding flowers? From carnations to vegetables, your floral selection can make your wedding unique and a cut above the rest.

Here are some of the most luxurious flowers you can add to your big day in London:

Bring Back the Carnation

Roses and peonies have been popular with brides recently, but carnations used to rule weddings. In fact, people used carnations for occasions other than weddings. In spite of their unpopular status today, you can make your wedding different by going with carnations.

Carnations come in different varieties, some of which are new. These varieties can bring more artful colour to your wedding, given the ease of cross-pollination between carnations. You can grow carnations of all sorts of patterns and colours that can work well with your wedding.

Carnations last longer than roses or peonies, as well. You can then keep your floral arrangements long after your wedding, and have them decorate your home. In turn, your expenses will be worth spending.

Unusual Bouquet Picks

Aside from carnations, some young brides have turned to rather unusual choices for their bouquets. A green succulent sourced all the way from Mexico called Echeveria has become pervasive. Vines, cabbage plants, and even sweetcorn have been replacing roses. These unique choices all served to showcase the creativity and personality of either the bride or bridegroom.

These unusual choices come at a cost, however. You will have a heavier bouquet when you choose succulents to adorn it. Fortunately, florists can work easily with succulents to design bouquets specifically for throwing. After the wedding ceremony, you can keep the heavier and more regal bouquet to bring home.

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The flowers of your wedding can be any of the choices mentioned above, or you may think of unique picks of your own. Make your wishes known to your London florists to make your wedding flowers, and ultimately, your dream wedding come true.