Keep Your Employees Loyal and Productive with These Techniques

You or someone you know probably has a horror story to tell about their working conditions. The overbearing boss; the long hours you spend in the office; and all the challenges associated with the job. You don’t want your employees whispering about these things behind your back. You want them to be happy, productive, engaged, and healthy.

Here are some ways to make that happen:

Set expectations early

Your employees are not robots. You want them to practice accountability, because when they do, they are more likely to be focused, to care about what they’re doing and not just biding time until something better comes along.

This starts with setting their expectations early and making them feel that they matter. Let them know what you expect from them, and what they can expect from you; when they are expected to finish a job; and where the product goes and how it affects someone’s life. If they feel you trust them, they will reward you with loyalty and hard work.

Don’t just think about raises

A raise is good, but it’s not everything an employee thinks about. They want to feel that they matter, that they are important in the entire process that your company runs. explains that it wouldn’t hurt to appreciate your workers, particularly when they make “wins”.

Don’t overwork them

Many employers believe that long work hours mean more productivity. It’s the total opposite. An employee may get more work done if they have to work longer hours – but only up to a certain point. An overworked and burnt out employee is more likely to fall ill, become unproductive, or even rebellious, and it’s only a matter of time before they leave.

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Give them some rewards

Again, it’s not all about money. There are plenty of ways to reward employees. Even the small things count. For example, if a team finishes a project first, even free pizza may be enough to make them smile. You can also reward them for their hard work with some paid time off. If you want to give them something to rejuvenate and make them feel more relaxed, you can even pay for massage and chiropractic services or a trip to a day spa.

Praise publicly, berate privately

When you praise an employee for his or her contribution to a successful project or for topping the sales event, do it publicly. This gives your top performing employee an extra boost to keep doing things right, and the other team members a reason to strive harder.

When someone makes a blunder, stop yourself from embarrassing the person in front of others. Talk to them privately and kindly, albeit firmly; this lets them know that you have a limit, but also that you value them and do not want them to feel down.

You can’t expect employees to stay loyal if you are not a “good” employer. Follow these tips to improve the culture in your workplace and ensure a bright future for your business.