Important Questions to Ask in Finding a Wedding Venue

Wedding venueA wedding is one of those things you want to be perfect in every way. Choosing the perfect venue is one of the most crucial decisions you will make. Choosing Tunbridge Wells as your location is already an excellent decision. The sylvan setting and deep history conspire to make it a memorable background for your vows.

There are so many wedding venues in Tunbridge Wells, though, and you may find it hard to choose. Here are some questions from The Barn to make the search easier.

In or Out?

Outdoor wedding venues are ideal for morning or afternoon weddings. A tented wedding is particularly great in terms of design flexibility and cost. However, the weather in Tunbridge Wells tends to be overcast and rainy. An indoor affair may be the more stress-free and safe choice.

Formal or Informal?

Your wedding venue will depend on the overall theme. For a formal set up, you can choose a hotel or country house rented out for that purpose. These do tend to be expensive, however. Alternatively, for a more relaxed atmosphere, or if your budget demands it, try non-traditional options such as an art gallery or a pub. Many quirkier establishments in Tunbridge Wells are willing to accommodate your wedding party needs at a reasonable cost.

Near or Far?

People are willing to go a long way for a wedding, but you should try to minimise the inconvenience for your guests. You should look for great pubs or hotels in a central location. It would also be ideal if you could find one free parking.

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Your wedding venue should be big enough to fit the number of guests, but not too big that the empty spaces are glaring. A hotel or country home may provide more space, but a smaller venue such as a pub can more easily create a cosy atmosphere.