How to Find an NHS Dentist in Slough

 Dentist AppointmentThe National Health Service (NHS) offers good quality dental care for UK residents at low cost. An NHS dentist accepts patients to do certain types of treatments, and you only have to pay a fixed rate. Some services are free. 

Here are the steps to make your first appointment in Slough, as detailed by Moonlight Dental Surgery.

Find an NHS dentist near you

You do not have to register to make an appointment with an NHS dentist such as you would have to for finding an NHS general practitioner. There is no catchments area. All you have to do is find a dentist near you and call to ask for an appointment. Many dentists in private practice also offer NHS services. You can ask your regular dentist for a referral.

Wait for an appointment

An NHS dentist with a private practice has a quota for accepting new patients. If you call a dentist when that quota is full, you may not be able to make an appointment. You can choose to see the dentist privately, but you will have to pay higher rates. You can join the waitlist for NHS treatment, or look for another dentist. Note that even if you succeed in registering with an NHS dentist and get an appointment, you will still have to wait in line if you want to make an appointment in the future.

Ask for help

If you cannot find an NHS dentist accepting new patients on your own, you can contact the local NHS area team for help. Their job is to connect you with an available NHS dentist near you. You can also call 111, which is the NHS- non-emergency service. You can also cal 111 if you need emergency treatment after hours. They can arrange for an ambulance for you.

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The NHS has the commitment to provide all UK residents with affordable, accessible, and good quality dental care. There will always be an NHS dentist in your area. All you have to do is find one that will take your case.