Here’s a Brief History of Personalized Monogram Necklace

monogram necklacePersonalized monograms can be traced back to the old times, as far back as the early civilization. See how far it has come from being a social status to a fashion statement.

Early Use of Monogram

Monogram has been in vogue for many years starting in early Greek and Roman times when the rulers’ names were used in coins and currency. Aristocrats took the fashion in lesser utilitarian items including their weaponry and armor. Some centuries later, monograms will start appearing in jewelry.

Anne Boleyn’s Monogrammed Necklace

Monarchs and aristocrats started wearing their initials as necklaces and rings in the 14th and 15th centuries.

In the Victorian era, families are exclusively incorporating jewelry as a status symbol, as it took a few hundred grands to create one. One of the most intriguing and foremost trendsetter for monogram necklaces is Anne Boleyn’s gold “B” necklace on string of pearls.

Historians suggest it was a gift from her father, Thomas Boleyn. The original necklace was never preserved after she was beheaded. The necklace has been replicated in The Tudors worn by Natalie Dormer, and in Ugly Betty, by America Ferrera herself.

Present Day

Over 450 years later, Anne Boleyn’s legacy to the fashion world has taken roots and will be used further in the present age. The primary use of monogram necklace is for fashion and as a wedding gift. Foremost monogram necklaces are still treated as heirlooms.

Meanwhile, wearing a personalized monogrammed necklace contributes to your personal fashion style. Many celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kim K., and Lauren Conrad are seen sporting monogram necklaces as opposed to necklaces with fully spelled names on it.

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Today, monogram necklaces are more affordable and varied. It can come from brass or white silver. These are no longer worn as a status symbol and confined to the wardrobe of the blueblood. You can also choose your own font type and size for more flare.

Give a monogram necklace as a gift to your family or friends or wear it as a fashion statement. Wear your initials today.