Hairstyles Through the Ages

Hair stylists workingThese days grooming your hair is a necessity for everyone. Hair salons are found anywhere and offer different hairstyles for both men and women. You can find hair salons from Denver, Colorado all the way to Lhasa, Tibet. Hair-styling is as old as civilization itself, but styles and preferences have evolved over the centuries.

Manes as Old as Time

Some scholars agree that the earliest hair grooming practices may be born of necessity. Ancient people practiced hair grooming and shaving mainly to fend off lice, protect their head from the heat, and even show off their social status.

In Egypt, it sometimes depended on the person’s age and gender. Most women plaited, braided, or wore their hair in a ponytail. Boys often shaved their heads except for one part called the “lock of youth”. The ancient Egyptians were also fond of wearing wigs to protect their head from the heat.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used elaborate hairstyles to denote social status and wealth. The men chose close-cropped hairstyles but also were not immune to curls and the occasional sprinkling of gold powder to make their hair look blonde.

Of Wigs and Going Au Natural

In ancient times, going au natural with your hair was a sign that you were either in mourning, a barbarian, or poor.

Only the rich and powerful could afford elaborate wigs and had the time to groom their hair in elaborate coiffures or wear elaborate tiaras and diadems. Royalty and the nobility often spent a fortune to buy hair from Germany and India to crown their heads with unique hairstyles.

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Modern Hairstyles

These days, wigs and sophisticated hairstyles are still part of people’s grooming habits, but now it has more to do with fashion and personal style. With the addition of hair extensions, chemical treatments, and even hair loss remedies, hair stylists ensure you’ll always have a crowning glory. For many, a visit to a hair salon in Denver or anywhere you are is the best way to make that a reality.