Hair Thinning Tips: How to Earn Your Customers’ Loyalty

men's hair cutting in a beauty salonOften, people undergo hair thinning to improve the texture of their hair. That is especially so for people with thick hair. The shears are a means to cut off a given portion of the hair. Sometimes, the scissors are also used to eliminate tough hair ends which make combing hair to be a daunting task.

Selecting the right thinners

Thinners vary from each other. That is with regard to the number of teeth in a given thinner. Hairdresser thinning shears have somewhere between seven and 25 teeth depending on the type of hair they are to be used on.

Standard shears have notches on one side and a smooth cutting blade on the other. There are other scissors such as chunking shears which have notches on both blades. Such thing shears are useful with clients who have very thick hair.

The importance of dry hair

Before beginning the process, it is important to ensure that your client’s hair is dry. Wet hair reduces the efficiency of the process. You may use a clean towel to dry off excess water. The hair may then be dried using a blower to reduce its moisture content further.

Thinning scissors easily cut through dry hair reducing the amount of time taken and improving the overall texture of the hair.

Keeping the hair moist

It applies to cases where you intend to remove the curled ends on your client’s hair. Though moist hair makes thinning difficult, it helps to straighten the ends of the hair. When hair dries, its ends tend to curl, which makes it harder to straighten.

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The step may be undertaken following the completion of the thinning process to eliminate the need for wetting then drying the previously dry hair.

Hair thinning is a delicate process which, when not properly done, can result in frustration for both you and your client. On the other hand, it is a source of satisfaction when one achieves good results. Arm yourself with the right tools of your trade!