Going Green: Ways to Have an Eco-friendly Office

eco-friendly officeIf you’re already taking steps to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle at home, you should also consider taking similar steps in your workplace. Not only will you get to save energy, but you’ll also create a healthier work environment. Doing your part to make your office as eco-friendly as possible will make your workplace more enjoyable and lessen its negative impact on the environment as well.

We’ve all heard about the three R’s of going green – reduce, reuse, recycle – but this has evolved into five R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle plus repair and rethink. Consider all these steps, especially the rethinking part, and turn your office into an environment-friendly place while saving money in the process:

Go Digital

Instead of printing out a copy of the meeting agenda for every member, try incorporating the details into a slideshow or simply send them through email. Consider having online employee manuals and other important materials instead of distributing printed copies. It’s easier to update the manual that way, too. To make going digital even more practical, increase the number of digital storage devices and systems in your company.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Furniture Pieces

Consider getting non-toxic, green products for your office. There are companies such as Bishop Interiors that sell eco-friendly office furniture, more specifically known as sustainable office furnishings, that have organic design elements. Manufacturers of these items only use natural wood materials and recycled products.

Get a Plant for Every Desk

Indoor plants work as filters that can absorb all the pollutants your computer equipment creates. They can also keep the air in your office cool through a process called transpiration which transfers water from plants into the atmosphere. This allows them to act as a natural air conditioner, keeping the office a little cooler during the warm summer days.

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But, the most important thing to remember about making green choices in your office is that small actions can make a big impact. If everyone in your workplace adopts at least one of these tips, it can amount to big positive changes for the environment as well as the company’s expenses.