Four Tips for a Budding Hairstylist

Two hair stylists working on a lady clientHairstyling is an art, and the skills involved must continuously be practised and honed. However, it takes more than willingness and aptitude to perfect a craft, and hairstyling is no exception.

Get the Right Tools

A painter needs a brush and palette, and a sculptor needs a hammer and chisel. As a hairstylist, you probably have more than one pair of professional hairdressing scissors. When you started, a pair of short-blade scissors was perhaps enough to make basic cuts. As your skill grows and your repertoire expands, you may need to add long-blade scissors, thinning shears and texturising scissors to your arsenal of cutting tools.

Know the Past but Keep Looking to the Future

Styling has a long history of trends. Being acquainted with the more popular trends of the past can broaden your horizons and sharpen your skills. Learning to cut various hairstyles will keep your expertise growing, and you may even find inspiration from the many trends you encounter.

Get an Apprenticeship

Having an actual mentor is one of the most comfortable and efficient ways to learn a craft. An apprenticeship gives you the chance to style hair under the supervision of a professional who can share his or her experience with you. It’s also a chance to continually practice your craft on people that may be your clientele in the future.

Continue Learning and Honing Your Skills

Accumulating knowledge and striving for perfection are hallmarks of a successful artist. You learn new things every day, and your skills are sharpened with each client that leaves happy. Like an athlete, your skills need constant practice to reach the pinnacle, and long periods of idling may dull your edge.

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Hairstyling can be a fulfilling hobby that can lead to a viable and lucrative career. With the right tools, proper guidance and lots of practice, you can take your styling skills to new heights.