Four Electrical Safety Tips for Every Home Owner

Man fixing some electrical wiring One of the ways to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones is by observing electrical safety rules at home. Remember, electricity can serve or harm you. You have to make sure you follow this guide from Whipple Service Champions, experts in electrical repair in Utah, to avoid any dangers and keep your home safe.


It is almost impossible to have a modern home that has no appliances. However, they can pose a serious risk if the necessary precaution is not taken. Always ensure that the machines that are not in use are unplugged from the power source. When unplugging, avoid pulling the cord and instead remove the plastic plug. Also, ensure that the appliances that produce heat such as TVs and computers have enough space around them for adequate ventilation. Ensure that the machines are away from water as this could cause injuries or fire. Finally, make sure that you buy only approved and tested appliances.

Take note of the breaker

A circuit breaker is meant to avert any danger or risk of electrical fires caused by electrical faults or overload. If the breaker trips, it could be a sign of an electrical failure. Therefore, desist from pressing that breaker in position as it could lead to electrical fires. Instead, request for an electrical repair for it to be fixed.

Power Cords

Every appliance has a cable and it is imperative that you check the cords regularly for damage. If damaged, replace them to avoid short-circuiting. Most people also have extension cords to increase the source outputs. Never overload an extension cord. If it’s too old, replace it instead of patching it up using tape

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Electrical Fires

In case of an electrical fire ensure that your exit is clear before trying to fight it. If you think you can put it out, then go ahead. However, never try to pour water on it as this could cause electrocution. Instead, use a chemical fire extinguisher. If the fire is big and you stand no chance of putting it off, flee as fast as possible.

We can’t stay away from using the electrical appliances in our homes. However, we can stay safe by observing simple safety rules. The above guide is meant to enlighten as well as remind you of the essential electrical safety tips you ought to keep.