First Timers’ Choices for the Right Custom Cufflinks

Choosing a CufflinksEven if there are many cufflink models and designs to choose from in the men’s accessory department in your local mall, you should invest in a customized pair. Even better, make it two or three pairs. 

Here are some of the best metals you can use for your custom cufflinks, as per


One of the more popular choices, it comes in a variety of carats, types and colors. It has numerous designs to choose from and can be easily personalized. You can customize your gold cufflinks to have gems, pearl, ceramic, platinum and other accents included into the design. For more affordable gold cufflink designs, try gold-plated ones instead.


Denser and heavier and gold, platinum is equated to a higher and richer status by some social circles. Certain platinum cufflinks are usually more expensive than gold and because of its white color, can fit more looks and outfit sets than other colored cufflinks. However, be ready to shell out if you are decided on this precious metal.


Silver looks dapper on any outfit and is one of the more fashionably adaptable materials for cufflinks. You can use it for semi-formal attires, a coat and tie or even with a tux. However, you will need to keep it stored and polished properly to look its best since it easily tarnishes.


Stainless steel needs less care and maintenance than silver and can even be used for semi-rugged attires and even jeans. They are sturdy and longer-lasting than most cufflink metals and can be a wonderful everyday choice for work. If you want a classier version for more elegant events, add a singular gem or peal inlay into your custom cufflink’s design.

Rule of thumb for cufflinks: do not by cufflinks made from cheap materials like plastic and the like, no matter how “gorgeous” or “affordable” they are. They are supposed to make you look good and elegant. Deviating from that will make your customization counter-productive and ineffective. Keep to the good old traditional stuff and you can never go wrong.