First Time to Wax? Short To-Do List Before Waxing

BikiniSo, you’re considering getting yourself a wax. That’s actually a great idea if you want to be all prepped up for your bikini swimwear or any special event that requires you to show some skin. Not many people know that you should also prepare yourself for waxing, though.

Here is a short to do list for the basic and important pre-waxing preparations you will need:

Prepare for the Pain

It is important to schedule your appointment at least a week away. That way, you have time to make changes if any emergencies come up. You need to decide on a date where you will not be suffering from additional pain. Some waxing Austin salons actually discourage customers to get a wax during their monthly cycle, as the skin is more sensitive at that time.

Clean, Exfoliate, Moisturize

Basic beauty regimens are required for any procedure that puts stress on your skin, whether it is heavy make-up or waxing. Exfoliate your skin with a light scrub two to three days before your waxing session. For the rest of the remaining days, make sure you regularly shower and use moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Drinks lots of water and take Vitamin C supplements if you can.

Medical Advice

If you have moles or may have a tendency to skin breaks, consult your doctor for approval regarding the waxing procedure. Ask your doctor for the proper painkiller that you may take before or during the procedure. Over-the-counter painkillers can also work.

Now that you have prepped yourself for the coming day, you can relax and have fun. Pick out that bikini you want to wear and imagine yourself in it after your waxing session.