Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Moissanite JewelryFor as long as you can remember, diamonds have always been the go-to choice for jewelry, especially for engagement rings and wedding rings. People have always considered diamonds the best precious stone, especially because they stay brilliant for a long time and they are quite durable. However, more people are considering other gemstones for classic pieces, making them more suited to their unique tastes.

Brighter than diamonds

One reason why people opt for other gemstones is because of their brilliance. While diamonds give a bright shine, some people prefer a more dynamic shine to their gemstones. In addition, some stones shine brighter than others, and some gemstones are actually more brilliant compared to diamonds. More people choose to have different gemstones for their engagement rings because they want it to be more special and unique.

One of such gemstones is called moissanite. At first glance, these stones may look similar to diamonds. But upon closer inspection, you can see that there are significant differences between this gemstone and the classic diamond. One is the color of the stone; diamonds can be crystal clear, while moissanites tend to have a yellowish or greenish tinge to their shine. This gives your jewelry a unique look – they appear clear, but actually give off a slightly colored light. Also, moissanite engagement rings have a more brilliant shine compared to diamonds. According to brilliance ratings, moissanites are almost three times brighter than diamonds.

Gemstones like stars

If you go back to the history and origins of this unique gemstone, you’ll also discover something else that makes them more unique. Compared to other gemstones that are found in underground mineral deposits, moissanites were first discovered in 1893 at the site of a meteorite landing. Nearly a century after their first discovery, they have become gemstones that shine as brightly as the stars in the sky.

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If you want your engagement ring to be more precious and more meaningful, you can opt to have them made with these precious stones. Your partner will definitely feel more special, because it will feel like they have a star for a gemstone in their ring.