Cost-Effective Pointers for Your Engagement Party

Asking your beloved to become your lifetime partner is not an easy task, especially for those who want to take marriage seriously. Preparation for an engagement proposal needs to be taken seriously and carefully, especially if you intend to make a special occasion of it.

The good news is you do not need to spend so much on this very distinctive event.

Let it be a Surprise

When setting up the engagement party, think of another event you can celebrate just so your partner will not be aware of your plans. Birthdays, anniversaries, official holidays or other special occasions are perfect covers for your true intentions.

Also, you will not need to propose during an expensive dinner, so you are economizing by holding a three-in-one event.

Choose Your Ring Carefully

When you do ask your beloved to marry you, your first tendency is to splurge on the ring. However, the engagement ring is not exactly the main jewelry piece for marriage.

Besides the typical diamond ring that most consider as standard, try other creative options instead, such as Moissanite gems that look as good as diamonds but are more affordable. You can also choose less expensive metals for the ring such as silver to replace gold or platinum.

Hold It At Home

You will not need to pay for a venue if you can keep it in your house. If you intend to make it look snazzy and classy, just hire a caterer who will be willing to decorate your space as additional services.

If you do not have a big enough home, try your backyard or even request a friend or relative to let you borrow their property for the event. The worst case scenario; rent an event area that offers big discounts.

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For more savings, serve simple but tasty food and drinks, make your own invitations and create your own souvenirs. Remember, there is no need to feel guilty for economizing on your engagement party. After all, eventually you would have to prepare for your marriage and that will cost you more.