Cheap Trick: Four Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Man proposed to his fianceeWedding engagements are exciting and costly at the same time. Other than hearing your partner’s sweet “yes,” the tradition involves a ring, which can be hard on the wallet. If you’re on a budget and can’t wait to ask your partner about marriage, below are unique alternatives to expensive diamond engagement rings.

Gemstone Ring

Gemstone rings are modern, stylish, and more affordable than diamond rings. It’s a trend that even royals such as Princess Diana and Duchess Kate follow. If you want something unique, go for Tanzanite, a gemstone from Tanzania, Africa with a rich, deep blue color. Citrine, which symbolizes happiness and prosperity, is a great alternative as well.

Moissanite Ring

Moissanite is a highly rare gemstone, which is why most moissanite crystals today are laboratory-made. It is, however, a favored alternative to diamond due to their similarities and differing price. According to Moisanniteco, the man-made stone exhibits a different kind of brilliance than diamonds do, but the material is durable and suitable for everyday use.

Knot Ring

Knot rings are simple engagement rings made with interlocking knots in two parallel wires. Also, called as “true lover’s knot,” this kind of ring is popular among sailors separated from their partners. Sterling silver adorned with cubic zirconium stones is the typical design for this type of engagement ring.

Heirloom Ring

Before splurging on an expensive diamond ring, why not ask your family about it first? Who knows, mom or grandma might be keeping an heirloom ring for your partner. Heirloom rings have more meaning than diamond rings; they are sometimes even more expensive due to age and style. If the size of the ring, however, doesn’t suit your partner, you can take it to a jeweler for resizing.

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Engagement rings don’t need to be expensive. Save your money for bigger things such as your wedding, your home, and even kids. It will definitely go a long way.