Baby’s First Steps: Getting Them the Perfect Shoe

baby feetAt about eight months old, your baby will start showing signs that he is ready to start walking. Help him get ready to take that first step by investing in a pair that will be comfortable and sturdy enough to give him the confidence to start walking on his own.

Consider material carefully

Your baby’s foot is very sensitive and needs adequate protection. As such, you have to be very careful when choosing the material of his or her shoe. It should be breathable and lightweight like cloth or soft leather. To ensure the material used, says you can get handmade baby shoes for your child.

For fastenings, consider getting Velcro or slip-ons instead of laces. This will be both easier for you and your child. Also, you’ll avoid any risks of them tripping.

Check if it’s flexible and has a good grip

Flex the shoe and see if it can bend without looking like it will break in half. The shoe should also have a good grip with them so that they won’t come off while your child walks. Look for soles that are made of rubber and are non-skid.

Check the size

Never get shoes that are too large for your baby’s feet. Remember, they’re just learning to walk and they don’t need to have a loose and uncomfortable pair on top of that. It’s important that you take your child along when fitting shoes. Observe their reaction to see if they find any discomfort. Make sure there’s some space from the tip of the shoe to their longest toe.

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Shop in the late afternoon

Get your child’s shoe in the late afternoon as feet tend to swell later in the day. This means that you can get a size that will leave room for such occurrence versus getting them a pair that might be a little too snug.

Consider these matters when buying your child’s first pair of shoes. Prioritize their comfort and safety over style and design.