An Easier Day on the Slopes: 3 Snowboarding Hacks

There’s nothing worse than sore body parts and poor riding conditionsSnowboarding caused by small issues with your gear when out snowboarding for the weekend. You need snowboarding hacks that will allow you to enjoy the shred and save time, energy, and money.

Here’s a collection of snowboarding hacks from seasoned snowboarders, weekend warriors, and even first-time snowboarders who had light bulb moments on their very first day:

Space-Saving Packing

Snowboard bags are huge. Once you fill your bag with massive snowboard gear, chances are there won’t be much room for anything else. Maximize the space by taking your bindings off and filling up all space inside the bag.

You can fill your snowboard boots with gloves, socks, and anything else that fits. Bindings also make good protection spaces for fragile items like goggles.

Dropping Your Snowboard

You have probably sat down for lunch and seen your snowboard slowly starting to fall and smashing into hard concrete just as you get up off your seat. Always put your snowboard in the racks or in a corner so it won’t fall over. This will save you a trip to the tune shop.

Better yet, find a high quality, branded snowboard and throw away your old, dingy board. Try finding discounted branded items; start with a search for Burton Snowboards sale, for example.

Stopping the Fog in Your GoPro

Nothing is more annoying than coming home after a great day of shredding and GoPro filming than realizing your lens have been fogged up the whole time.

Remedy this by saving up the silica gel bags that come in shoeboxes and electrical goods—they help soak up moisture. Put a few into the GoPro case before you set off in the morning. It’s much cheaper than buying expensive anti-fog patches.

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As a snowboarder, life hacks like these that save you time, energy, and money to make the trip all about hitting the slopes should be a good thing.