Alternative Weddings: Shake Up the Tradition

Modern Weddings Weddings are age-old ceremonies, but they do not have to stick with traditions. Many couples getting married these days choose to shake up these customs and introduce something new to the whole event. For example, AAA Jewelers recommends getting custom engagement rings and wedding bands, instead of the usual, simple designs.

This makes the wedding more memorable for the guests and a unique one to the couple. It makes for a more interesting story to tell when you get older and the kids start asking how everything was.

Here are some ways you can harmlessly change the ceremony, but still keep the important elements.

Color and Style

Weddings of the modern days are no longer just black and white. Couples can choose specific colors for their guests to wear so that it looks better in photos. The choice of color may be sentimental to the couple as well. The style of the dresses may also vary now depending on the venue. Beach weddings call for a lighter and more informal clothes because of the heat and sand. Changing the dress code does not affect the important parts of the ceremony, like the vows.


You can choose to be more adventurous and plan a themed wedding. Halloween is no longer the only time when people can be creative with what to wear. The couple may have a common interest that they want to use as a theme for their wedding.

Having a theme adds a little quirk in the otherwise serious ceremony so you do not bore your guests. It is all up to the couple how they wish to remember this special day in their lives.

Weddings may only happen once for most people. It is only right to enjoy it in the best way you can. It will make for great stories through the years, and something you can look back on with smiles on your faces.