Adapting to life with your lightweight wheelchair

Man in a lightweight wheelchairIf you are facing the idea that you might need to use a mobility aid, like a lightweight wheelchair, it can be helpful to get tips and advice to help you through. More than one million people in the UK use a wheelchair some or all of the time. This means that there are plenty of resources available to service this section of the population, which you can take advantage of.

Getting the right equipment

When you are browsing through a product range from somewhere like Karma Mobility, have a good idea of your needs so you can match yourself to the right equipment. Check the specifications and, if you are not sure, then contact the retailer to ask.

Sometimes, you can hire equipment locally so that you can refine your ideas about your needs. There may be some factors that you have not taken into account that crop up while you are using a lightweight wheelchair for real.

If you are considering doing a special activity using your lightweight wheelchair, get in touch with people who are experienced in the field and find out what you will need.

Even if you are expecting to use your lightweight wheelchair for everyday activities, you need to take into account the layout of your house, the terrain in your local area and the ease of using other transport, such as cars and buses, to move your wheelchair around.


Getting used to a new mobility aid is the start of a new chapter in your life and it will take some time. Focus on the positive aspects of getting used to your lightweight wheelchair, such as greater independence and a new perspective on the world. This will help to keep you motivated.

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There is every reason why you should be able to live a full life that includes, for example, travel, sports and other recreational activities. Think of the things you want to achieve and go from there rather than start with the idea that you are restricted. There is likely to be an organisation that will support you. For example, the British Mountaineering Association can point you in the direction of wheelchair rock climbing if that’s what you want to do.