A Lesson in Becoming the Not-So Crazy Hotel Occupant

Hotel StaySometimes, you just can’t shake that bad mood out of your system during your travels. With all the itineraries and flights you shouldn’t miss, you can’t help but feel stressed out once in a while. When you do experience the pressure, it helps to bury your troubles for a while inside a comfortable hotel room.

Unfortunately, some hotels aren’t as cozy as you want them to be; things might go wrong during your stay. Enjoy your travelling by taking note of the following reminders for tourists. These points will help you be that hotel occupant the staff will love:

Connect with the Front Desk

The front desk is your source of answers for all of your queries during your stay at the hotel. During your stay, you might experience troubles here and there: the air conditioner won’t work, your room is too stuffy or room service forgot to bring your order. Rather than scream at the people behind the desk, resort to smart complaining.

If they do ask how you are, tell them briefly of your experience and suggest a solution. Don’t appear as the menacing occupant of this room number; be courteous as they are to you. While some issues can burst your bubble, remember to keep your calm. The hotel staff will exert every effort to deliver solutions for hotel rooms in St. George Utah.

Contact Managers and Supervisors

Managers and supervisors are the run-to people for customer complaints. They are the first employees customers approach when their hotel stay is unsatisfactory.

It helps to know the hotel manager during your stay. This way, you can approach them whenever you feel that the front desk cannot provide an immediate resolution. Managers and supervisors also provide a wider insight and detailed recommendations that help make the most out of your stay.

Hotel staff strives to provide the absolute best experience for all their guests. Seasonal overbooking, staff rotation, and bad weather are just some of the things that might put a downer on everyone’s mood. Still, it’s never a good excuse to be mean. A quick smile and a thank you (plus maybe a tip), will do wonders for your reputation.