4 Ways To Check If a Diamond Is Real

Beautiful wedding ringThe wedding market in the United States is a huge industry. An average American spends around $3,407 on engagement rings alone. The engagement is a very significant expression of commitment prior to marriage. As such, checking the quality of the diamond ring is extremely important.

Before you buy that attractive diamond engagement ring in Salt Lake City, here are four ways to check its authenticity, as suggested by AAA Jewelers.

The Fog T-test

You can do the fog test by breathing on a piece of clean diamond. Diamonds are heat conductors and when you breathe on a real one, the fog would immediately disappear. If the stone stays foggy for a while, this would indicate that the diamond stone is fake.

The Read-through Effect

Place an unmounted, round diamond cut on top of a document and try to read through it. If you find yourself having a hard time reading through the stone, you must be holding a real diamond. Otherwise, the stone might be fake.

How It Sparkles

A real diamond will emit a gray and white sparkle from the inside while reflecting rainbow colors on other surfaces from the outside. If you can see rainbow colors from inside out, you may be holding a different kind of stone.


A loupe is a magnifying glass used to check the quality and setting of a gem. A real diamond is usually imperfect with round edges. If you see otherwise, you may want to consult with an expert to confirm the authenticity of the stone.

To eliminate and doubts and fears, you must check the authenticity and quality of the diamond with the help of an expert. Buying a diamond is a big decision and you should do it right.