3 Hairstyle Trends to Watch This Fall

Hairstyle TrendsVogue has set the hair trends for the upcoming fall season. The infamous ‘80s wet hairstyle and the twenties-style waves are expected to return this year, while the shiny, smooth long hairdo is here to stay.

Here are the five different hairstyle trends you should watch this fall:

  1. Twenties-Style Waves

Previously, you’d only see the super slick but elegant finger waves hairstyle in period films and TV series set in the 1920s. Now, you can style your hair this way, as the twenties-style wave is one of the trends expected to make a comeback this fall. With the use of a curling iron, you can create this retro hairstyle on your own. But, as the Collectiv Academy advises, if you want the best result, it won’t hurt to go to your most trusted hairdresser in town.

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Wet-Look Locks

In the 1980s, Rock ‘n’ Roll female artists popularized the wet look hairstyle. It puts a strong focus on the face, as well as brings out a unique, scandalous look. Today, you can see this style rocked by stars like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Hayden Panetierre and the Olsen twins. Here’s the good news. With the help of a friend, you can have this slicked back hair look too!

  1. Super Long Hair

During the Fashion Week, models with shiny and smooth long hair dominated the catwalk. Fashion experts say that this style won’t just stay in the catwalk, as it will be one of the trendiest hairstyles this fall. If you have a long hair now, don’t cut it and instead, keep it shiny to achieve this popular hairdo. You won’t regret growing your hair, as this style is expected to be on the magazines and catwalks until next year.

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If you’re thinking of your next hairstyle, you’ll never go wrong following these hair trends. After all, Vogue has already said it – these hairstyles will dominate the fashion world in fall.