3 Dental Implant Myths That Are Too Old Already

Dental Implant PlacementAny self-respecting British dentist would tell you that dental implant placement is the standard care for missing teeth. Except when your tooth gets knocked out, which you can normally have it placed back and make it survive like nothing happened. But if you fail to do what you have to do, you might lose your tooth for good and need permanent replacement instead.

No matter how much your dentist underscores its importance, however, dental implant placement is not the plan A of many patients suffering from missing teeth. Yes, other treatments are available, but the main reason other people do not prefer dental implants is misinformation. Now is the time to debunk myths and give Richmond dental implants the credit they deserve.

Implant Procedures Are Dead Painful

As an invasive procedure, it would definitely sting to some extent, but you can make the treatment relatively comfortable. There are different forms of sedation to let you relax or even fall asleep as you go under the knife. In addition, your dentist can also adjust the amount of sedative you can take to prolong its effect. Of course, you would feel discomfort eventually, but it is really not as bad as it seems.

It Heals Unreasonably Long

The recovery period of having dental implants may be longer than other procedures for missing tooth, but it is certainly not unreasonable. Unlike dentures and bridges, well-maintained dental implants can last up to over 40 years. Conversely, other methods would not outlive implants, and therefore would require replacement more often. The relatively lengthy healing time is just a small sacrifice to reap the long-term benefits of implants.

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Dental Implants Are Impractical

Other treatments may be less costly, but having dental implant placement is never a waste of money. If you have bridges or dentures, you may have to replace them once or twice during the lifetime of a dental implant. Instead of looking on the initially costs, pay attention to the big picture.

The treatment for missing teeth that suits to all budgets, promises fast recovery and causes absolutely no pain may yet to be invented, but dental implant placement is the best available procedure. Unless you debunk your false impressions towards it, you could never truly appreciate what it can do to you.