This Isn’t What I Expected: Why Your Vacation Sucks

girlNot all vacations go pretty. In fact, a vacation is more likely to go sour than it is to go sweet and perfect. It’s not about the place, nor is it really about the company. The simple reason your vacation sucks: your expectations are impossible to meet.

You’re doomed to have a trip you want to cut short if you’re thinking you get a five-star experience and everything goes exactly as planned, as you timed, and as the reviews in the internet you’ve read say so. Avoid spoiling the vacation you’ve been looking forward to by setting your expectations straight.

Set the Right Expectation

The first step to avoiding having a break down during an out of town or international trip is to set the right expectation. Standards set too high naturally leads to disappointment, while expectations that are too low might lead to your lack of enthusiasm or excitement.

Just because you booked an award winning hotel with pools in St. George, like, doesn’t guarantee you’ll have an award winning experience exploring the tourist attractions, as well.

You can’t avoid accidents and hiccups when travelling but you can reduce the chances of these unexpected events and issues from spoiling your vacation by setting the right expectation before going out of town.

You Are Not a Luxury Traveler

Or wait, are you? If you’re not, expect power outages, bad cell reception, delayed departures, city tours with a changed itinerary and tourist destinations a little too different from what you saw online. These things happen and when faced with a situation threatening to spin out of your control, what do you do?

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You can remain unhappy, cranky and demand the trip cut. Or you can embrace the adventure and make the most of it instead. Take the power outage and the bad cell reception as a cue to interact more. Find little things of beauty in a disheveled national park. Make an itinerary of your own.

The good thing here is you are in control of a vacation no matter what. You have power over your expectations and your reaction. Choose to be miserable and you get a miserable vacation. Decide to make the most of what you have and you get a trip worthy of telling friends about.