The Drug Addict’s Brain

DrugsCertain drugs can make you feel good by disrupting the delicate mechanisms in your brain. Nicotine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are rapidly carried to the bloodstream, regardless of how you to take them. They stimulate different circuits in the brain, mainly the pleasure center.

Annie’s House, a rehabilitation center for women, says continued abuse of drugs can overstimulate brain circuits and change them, putting them in an addicted state. If you become addicted, your main priority in life will focus on obtaining or taking drugs and getting high. As dugs rule your life, you will no longer care about your job, family, future and friends.

Changes in the Brain

Drugs can cause changes in your brain that can last for minutes, or permanently. They can also kill or damage neurons. While damaged neurons can grow back, they are not exactly as they were before. Your brain will never be the same, or will not function exactly the same way.

Learning Will Be Difficult

Drug abuse can actually shrink the brain because it can kill so many brain cells. Your skills and memory may also be reduced and learning new things will become difficult. As it can damage your short-term memory, you may find it hard to follow conversations and remember phone numbers and directions.

A Different Kind of Craving

Substances such as cocaine, nicotine, and methamphetamine can cause your brain to crave for more drugs. The common good things in life such as food, achievements, and the company of others will no longer be pleasurable for you. Your focus will only be drugs and the pleasure they offer you.

The Brain Attack

Cocaine can make you feel good instantly, but it can increase the pressure of blood flowing through the brain until the vessels pop. When this happens, the brain cannot receive oxygen and will eventually die. This type of brain attack is called a stroke. Inhalants, on the other hand, can cause muscle tremors, spasms, or difficulties in movement.

Don’t let drugs destroy your life and change your brain forever. If you’re loved one or friend has a drug problem, help them recover. There are many unique facilities today that can help patients feel comfortable every step of the rehabilitation process.