Some Facts about Student Braces in Singapore

Dental BracesWearing braces is no longer the embarrassment it was a few years ago. It may be because braces today are smaller and less noticeable. Many people need them at some point, which is why it has become so common. Student braces in Singapore is so normal that most people do not even notice them anymore.

Yet some teenagers still worry about the effect of braces on their social lives. It is at that age that they are very self-conscious, and any little thing can ‘ruin’ their reputation. If your orthodontist tells you that you need braces, here are the reasons to get them as soon as possible.

It is Healthier

People who need braces often develop problems with their teeth and gums. This is because the teeth do not align properly. For example, one side can wear out faster than the other can. It is very hard to brush and floss crowded teeth, so there is a higher risk of cavities. Aside from dental health, i.Dental points out, crooked or crowded teeth are not attractive, which can affect self-esteem.

It is Harder as You Get Older

Many adults wear braces because they did not get them when they were young, and the problem just got worse as they got older. A teen with a simple case taking as little as a year to treat can become a more complicated one taking three years or more when they hit their 30s. It may even require surgery to correct some major problem.

It is More Embarrassing

No one will look twice at a student wearing braces. However, people tend to notice it more when you are an adult with braces. It is not exactly going to make you an object of ridicule, but it is harder to blend in as most adults that needed them had their braces done when they were young.

It is important to get orthodontic treatment as early as possible. It is healthier, faster, and probably more affordable to get braces as a student rather than an adult.