I Have Seen My Dentist Offering Dental Implants but What Exactly are Implants?

Clean TeethYou may have walked past the window of a dental practice and seen a sign saying ‘dental implants’ and asked yourself – what is this? If someone you know has lost a tooth and is wondering about a possible solution, dental implants could be the answer they are looking for. A dental implant can be used to replace a single tooth, or in cases of multiple tooth loss, it can be used as part of a bridge. The main benefit is a permanent solution to what feels like a serious problem. It is advisable to find a dentist you feel you can trust, and who has the confidence and skill to perform this treatment. If you are dreaming about smiling confidently again, with a full set of teeth, then dental implants are worth considering. After all, we only have one smile!

Enhance Dental Practice in Leeds offers a wide range of treatments if you are looking to improve your smile. Have you dreamed of straighter or perhaps whiter teeth? You might want to look into braces if your teeth are not perfectly aligned. Braces can help with crooked or wonky teeth and now are available in a natural colour, so no more metal train tracks if you still want to get on with your life at the same time as improving your smile!

Do you clean your teeth after your breakfast? And when is the next time you eat again? Or drink again? Any sugar consumption whether it is from food or drink, will remain in your mouth and feed the bacteria. This bacteria then forms an acid and aids tooth decay which can lead to erosion of the tooth enamel if left untreated. So it is worth keeping a toothbrush with you at work, if you pick up that sneaky latte with two sugars on your way to the office. You don’t want to find your colleagues are avoiding you because your breath starts to turn toxic! As well as giving your teeth a good clean each day, could you benefit from flossing as well? This ensures that any food particles are removed from between each tooth.