Home Care Suggestions for Your Dental Implants

A pair of tweezers holding a prosthetic tooth Implants are probably one of the best innovations in the dental industry. No more hiding of teeth and losing self-esteem because you can fill that gap caused by tooth loss. Another good news is dental implants can last forever, as the titanium fuses with the jawbone.

Now, here you are choosing to get dental implants in Birmingham, UK to replace your missing teeth. Even though they will never decay, you should still maintain their supporting gum and bone structure to protect your oral health.

Here are some recommendations to take good care of your dental implants at home:

When choosing toothbrushes

Retire your toothbrush, as electric toothbrushes are better at disrupting biofilm. These have the capacity to produce more brush strokes compared to your hand. It does not matter what toothbrush you choose as long as you brush for a couple of minutes using a soft bristle brush. You can even get brushes with an end tuft to reach difficult areas or those bulky contours in your implant crowns.

When choosing interproximal cleaners

You are probably used to a regular dental floss, but using water flossers are better at removing bacteria in six millimetre-deep pockets. When using water flossers, use it in a low-pressure setting and know the right techniques when using it. Other suggestions for interproximal cleaning involve products that encourage gingival stimulation, like proxabrushes that have plastic wires, rubber tip stimulators, and soft picks.

When choosing mouth rinses and dentifrice

Always remember that you need both interproximal cleaners and an electronic toothbrush to disrupt the slimy biofilm on your teeth. If you are looking for a dentifrice or over-the-counter mouthwash, choose a nonabrasive formula that has antimicrobial ingredients.

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Other than the needed daily maintenance, always book an appointment with your dentist to maintain the health of your implants and ensure its longevity. Your dental implants are a huge investment in your oral health, so you must remember to take care of it properly — even on your own.