Cosmetic Dentistry Explored: Routes to a Brighter Smile

Brighter SmileAre you unhappy with your smile? Then you are not alone. Almost 48% of UK adults dislike their current smile, often finding it impacts on their self-esteem, confidence, business and personal relationships.

The most common concern is with the colour of the teeth, so it’s no surprise to learn that teeth whitening is the most frequently requested procedure in cosmetic dentistry. This is an effective treatment for some – but not all – types of tooth discolouration, and only a dentist can accurately diagnose what is behind your staining.

In fact, a dentist is essential for teeth whitening treatment. The General Dental Council takes a dim view of unlicensed practitioners, and has carried out many successful prosecutions. However, it often takes an unfortunate individual suffering damage to their teeth, gums, or mouth before such things are brought to light.

A dentist offers treatment that is both effective and safe. PDC Dental in Barnsley offers a number of options for teeth whitening treatment, as part of an extensive cosmetic dentistry menu.

If you are still thinking that you could save money by buying a teeth whitening kit from the internet, consider this: would you try to fashion your own dental bridge, or make your own braces to straighten your teeth on a budget? No. This would be as ridiculous as it sounds. Teeth whitening should be thought of in the same way.

As previously mentioned, whitening only works on some types of stain – such as those caused by tea or coffee. Numerous other factors can cause discolouration of the teeth, from visible plaque to dental trauma. Some root-treated teeth also discolour, whilst many people find that their teeth lose some of their natural lustre over time.

Visible metal crowns or fillings can add an unwanted metallic glint to your smile. A cosmetic dentist can safely replace these with tooth-coloured alternatives. In the case of fillings, this usually only requires a single appointment.

Porcelain veneers are an effective method of improving the look of permanent discolouration. These thin shells of tooth-coloured medical grade porcelain are bonded over the front surfaces of the teeth, and can last ten years or more.