Breaking the Habit: START Your Journey to a Cigarette-Free Life

cigarettesQuitting smoking takes a lot of determination. You need the right reasons and enough motivation to break the habit. Every cigarette you smoke means another minute lost in your life.

Here is the S.T.A.R.T. smoking plan that you can follow:

S – Set a Date

Set a timeline to your game plan. It is impossible to quit smoking instantly, so it’s best to set your quit date about two weeks before you even start. Have realistic goals to make sure you achieve them. Observe your smoking habits and give yourself time to adjust to the small changes.

T – Tell Your Family and Closest Friends

Telling other people about your decision to quit smoking will give you the support you need, as explains. Find a quit-smoking-buddy, so you can keep each other in check when rough times come. Do not hold it against them if they’re stopping you during the times you want to puff a cigarette.

A – Anticipate the Challenges Ahead

The first three months is crucial, especially for long-time chain smokers. Anticipate the worst, so you can face the most common challenges. Make sure you have support from loved ones to help you during the times you are tempted to smoke again.

R – Remove Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Do not let yourself see cigarettes, tobacco products, ashtrays, lighters and even match sticks. This includes washing your clothes and freshening up when you encounter anything that resembles the smell of cigarette smoke.

T – Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor can help you find alternatives to smoking and even give you some medication to stop smoking. You can also learn about withdrawal symptoms and other tips to help you throughout the quitting process.

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Finding the perfect game plan that fits your needs is important to manage your nicotine cravings and ultimately stop the addiction. Keep these things in mind to achieve success in quitting smoking.