3 Safety Shaving Tips for Barbers

Barber shaving beardAs a barber, you always have to make every customer feel that they’re safe and secure with your services. You want them to feel that you know what you’re doing and that you won’t be harming them accidentally in any way.

NJ Barber Supply, a company where you can buy barber clippers, is giving you some tips on how to use razors to customers properly and safely.

Use the Right Tools

Use the right type of razor when shaving your customer’s hair. This is extremely important, as you can easily cut them accidentally if you use the wrong one. Also, make sure that you’re using sharp razors, as using dull ones will only result in accidents. Replace your razor if needed and always check every once in a while if it’s still good to use.

Prepare the Beard Properly

If you’re shaving the beard, make sure to prep the area well by using pre-shave oil or a proper shaving cream. Never proceed to just shaving the beard dry, as this can easily cause cuts and bruises. Sometimes, no matter how sharp the razor is or how skilled the barber is, when pre-shave cream or oil is not used on the beard, it can still lead to a disaster.

Take Your Time

Sure, it’s amazing when a barber can cut or shave hair extremely fast, but oftentimes, speed is not the main concern of customers. They usually can wait for a longer time, as long as the hair is shaved or cut properly and the way they want it to be cut or shaved. Take your time and do your job properly. No matter how many people are waiting in line, you shouldn’t be pressured to finish the job right away just for the sake of it.

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Always think about your customer’s concerns and needs before shaving or cutting their hair. Talk to them and ask them what they truly want to avoid miscommunication.