Why You Shouldn’t Go Bare “Down There”

leg waxingMany women consider the Brazilian wax as some sort of rite of passage, especially during summer. His and Hers Waxing, a waxing salon in Midvale, defines Brazilian wax as “the quickest, most effective hair removal method that offers long-lasting results.” True enough, you can have the sexy, sleek, and clean look and feel after a Brazilian wax.

But good hygiene dictates leaving some hair down there is better. Here’s why:

Less is Better than “No Bush”

Dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD told Health.com that people have pubic hair for a reason. Removing the bush may seem more hygienic than having a full bush, but it’s the other way around.

A full bush shields your vaginal area against allergens, bacteria, and other unwanted pathogens. Get rid of it and you remove the natural barrier that protects you against irritation or infection.

That’s why it’s best to leave a small triangle of hair behind. Bowe reports that the triangle trim is the best solution, rather than going totally hair-free.

Preparing for a Wax

Before your appointment, it’s best to trim your hair to half an inch first. Any hair shorter or longer than half an inch will prevent the wax from gripping properly. You can do this at home or have your waxer do it at the salon. Professional waxers recommend exfoliating and having a warm bath or shower the night before. This softens the skin, allowing for easier hair removal.

Waxing After-Care Tips

After a hair removal session, it’s best to refrain from having sex. Friction and a fresh wax can result in irritation. Wear breathable underwear and keep your bikini area clean.

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Avoid soaking in baths, too. Water and freshly-waxed skin make a bad mix since your chemical-laden bathwater can seep into your pores and cause irritation. Take long hot showers instead. Avoid intense workouts altogether because the salt present in your sweat could cause irritation, or worse, an infection. Remember, do the waxing after-care tips to avoid unnecessary irritation and infections. Getting rid of the bush can make you feel smooth and flawless, but a bit of the bush is healthy for your sensitive parts.

Some situations call for a Brazilian wax. If it’s not needed, treat yourself to a trim instead and let your pubic hair do its job of protecting your sensitive areas.