Why Balayage is the Most Popular Hair Trend

hairstylist applying the balayage techniqueYour clients love their hair because it is their crowning glory in more ways than one. They love going to salons because many offer them a wide array of services that keep their hair looking gorgeous. Some of these are perming, coloring, and highlighting. Many people choose to highlight their hair because it enhances their hair's natural color and gives it volume. This is why many aspiring hair colorists and stylists want to go for balayage classes.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a freehand highlighting method that was introduced in France in the 1970s. Many salons started opening their doors to balayage classes in 2017, making this new treatment a favorite. It is applying color to hair to mimic a natural sun-kissed effect which has a graduated appearance.  Balayage makes the hair color look natural and appears more natural as hair grows. Clients who go for balayage desire low maintenance, fresh-looking, natural hair with contrast and depth for twelve to sixteen weeks, until the next application.

Benefits of Learning Balayage

As the owner of a salon, you widen your hair coloring and styling service. Balayage allows your stylists to have more control in the placement of highlights.  Your hair stylists can also modify the highlight to accentuate the design of the client's haircut.    This is what makes balayage a natural technique for coloring hair. Your hairstylists would have the flexibility to work with the texture and density of the hair.     Attending balayage classes is a great investment because you get to know this new technique of highlighting and expand your services to your clients.  For many, balayage has been the choice to apply highlights in hair as it creates a natural look for a long time. It also could fit any cut, any color, and any hair type, as long as the hair stylist has the right skill and expertise to do this treatment.